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I know that teaching reading goes beyond having a tool box filled with strategies or a list of popular mentor texts. I know that scheduling, and goal-setting, and classroom management, and parent communication, and bulletin boards all play a role in your reading instruction. I love sharing tips and tricks that will help you become a more stellar reading teacher.

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You didn’t become a teacher to spend your rare free time scrolling Pinterest and searching on Google. Trust me friend, I have been there. That’s why this membership was created. When you join, you receive countless pre-planned resources without sacrificing engagement, rigor, and effectiveness. That means less planning and more teaching. Beyond the resources, you’ll gain a community of like-minded teachers. Are you ready to level up your instruction and maybe even find a new teacher bestie?

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I’m Sara, your literacy lovin’ mentor and cheerleader.

With over a decade of experience working as a classroom teacher and school administrator, I understand the joys and challenges of teaching. That’s why I’m on a mission to make an impact by serving stellar upper elementary teachers just like you. Get ready, because I’m pulling out all the stops to ensure that you have the tools and confidence you need to build a literacy block that you’re proud of. One that excites you and your students while also meeting the standards. Oh yes, it’s totally possible to have both!