5 Things That Will Make You An AWESOME Writing Teacher

Do you feel like your writing block is stale? Is it the one time of day that you and your students dread? Do you wish you could be an awesome writing teacher?

I know so many teachers (myself included) who struggle to teach writing. I used to feel like there wasn’t enough time in the day. Or a lot of times, I just didn’t know how to make the most of my writing block.

But y'all! Writing is important. Our kids need to be writing everyday.

Not only are you the one that can make that happen, but you also have the power to make all your students fall in love with writing. 

If you’re ready to improve your writing instruction, you can grab your free teacher guide here.

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    Want to be an awesome writing teacher? Do these five things:

    A - Attitude is Everything

    Becoming a better writing teacher starts with your attitude. You have to believe in your ability to be a great teacher if you want your students to be great writers. You need to have confidence in your ability to teach writing. You also need to have confidence in your students ability to master the skills and strategies you teach them.

    B - Be Prepared

    Preparation is key. You need to start by planning out your yearly scope and sequence. If you have no long-term plan in place, it will be challenging to plan for the day to day. You need to commit to taking the time to properly prepare for each and every writing lesson.

    C - Communicate Clearly

    Be clear and concise with your teaching points. Make sure you are telling and showing your students exactly how they can become better writers. You can effectively communicate your objective in just a few short statements. This gives your students more time to engage in independent writing.

    D - Develop Community

    Everything is better when you have the support of a community. You want to transform your class into a community of writers. You want your students to celebrate their successes and encourage their classmates when writing gets tough. Make it a point to engage students in meaningful reflection and discussion of what it means to be an author.

    E - Establish Routine

    If you want to be an effective writing teacher, writing needs to be a daily routine. Make sure your writing block takes place the same time each day, and establish a routine for each writing lesson.

    The Writer’s Workshop model is an excellent structure for writing instruction. When students know what they can expect each day, they will be more productive with the time you give them to write. Your students will thrive as writers if they know what to expect every time they sit down to write.

    Bonus Tip: Keep it Fresh and Fun

    Writing doesn’t have to be boring or stale. There are so many ways you can make your writing block fun and enjoyable for you and your students. Here are a few of my favorites:

    • Let your students create a playlist of music just for your writing block.

    • Let your students use colorful pens or markers - come on, I know you have some flair pens to spare.

    • Give your kids fancy paper to write on.

    • Use writing resources your students love using.

    • Take a break from your normal environment and take your writing outside.

    • Find another class in your school and become writing buddies with them. You can do publishing parties together or get together for special writing projects.

    Are you feeling a little more inspired to tackle writing instruction this year? I hope so. Considering that you took the time to read this entire post let’s me know that you’re going to do what it takes to be an awesome teacher this year. Your students are going to benefit from all your hard work. I just know it. If you want to know more about the five habits of awesome writing teachers, check out the free teacher guide I have listed below.

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    I'm ready to be an awesome writing teacher!

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